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Philips Hue: Introducing New Lights and More Functionality

Philips Hue: Introducing New Lights and More Functionality

Two days ago, Signify announced new products will be added to the Philips Hue product range. The range of smart lighting is being expanded with lamps for indoor and outdoor use. But besides the new lights like the Philips Hue Inara wall fixture is Signify also introducing new functionality for existing lights. This new functionality helps you to easily make the room relaxing and romantic.

Introducing new Philips Hue lights

The Philips Hue product range has just been expanded by Signify. The parent company behind the smart lighting is launching a total of four new lights which are intended for outdoor use. Two of them, the Inara (EUR 99.99) and the Calla Bollard (EUR 139.99), will be available for Europe from February the 8th. Three lights, the Inara (USD 99.99), the Lucca black (USD 99.99) and the Resonate black (USD 159.99), can be bought from March 1st in the US and Canada.

The Philips Hue Inara wall lamp – Shown as header image – combines the best of both worlds. At least, that’s how Signify makes it appear in the press release. Thanks to a vintage look and the smart functionalities of Philips Hue, this model knows how to combine old and new. The black lantern has a warm white light that can be dimmed to create the perfect atmosphere.

Calla Bollard (By Signify)

The Philips Hue Calla Bollard, shown above, will bring the cozy ambiance to your garden. This is partly due to the height of this lamp (25cm). This makes it easy to place between plants and flowers, so you can play a lot with the look of your garden. Especially since the lamps themselves not only emit warm light but also colored light.

Relaxing and romantic

As mentioned before, Signify has not only brought new lamps onto the market. The company also offers a whole new ambiance for anyone who has Philips Hue. The company does this by adding new functionalities to the accompanying app. It relates to the so-called Candle and Fireplace effects that should lift the atmosphere in the house to a higher level.

These effects take advantage of new hardware capabilities, allowing you to recreate the look of a cozy fireplace or burning candles. With this, the atmosphere in the house becomes just that little bit cozier. The effects will be rolled out in the first quarter of this year and can be used for all Philips Hue lamps. Although the new generation of lamps does take the effects to a higher level.

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