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Innr: Smart Zigbee Color Bulb User Review

Innr: Smart Zigbee Color Bulb User Review

Innr color bulb user review

A couple of years ago, Innr started to create its own product range of smart lighting. Since then Innr has developed quite some smart home technologies. In this guide, we will discuss the Innr color bulbs. The Innr color bulbs are light bulbs much like the Philips Hue color bulbs. They process the request via Zigbee while offering more than 16 million different colors. The lamps are suitable for E27 fitting.

To my surprise, the Color Bulb worked flawlessly when I screwed it into my fixture lamp. It blinked in different colors to signal the light is ready to pair. The Philips Hue app found the light within seconds of searching. After pairing the light bulbs with my switch, I was able to change the colors and dim the light. To pair up, you either need a bridge from Innr or Philips Hue. I will go into more detail about the links and supports in a moment.

Disclaimer: Innr was kind enough to send me their color lamps to try them out.


Hereby a couple of important specifications of the Innr Color Bulbs:

  • It uses a E27 fitting
  • The light has more than 16 million colors
  • The average lifespan is 25.000 hours
  • The bulb shines with 806 lumen
Innr color bulbs
Innr color bulb user review

As I briefly mentioned above, it is possible to connect the lamp to a bridge from either Innr or Philips Hue. After pairing you can use either App Pairing the light makes it possible to control the lamps via a voice assistant, such as in my case the Google Home Nest Hub v2. Using voice commands makes it extremely fun and entertaining to turn on different scenes.

I have created various scenes myself and by giving a voice command (movie scene) the lights now turn on purple and blue, the TV goes on, and in the kitchen, the spotlights shine to make cocktails šŸ˜. In combination with IFTTT, you can go in all directions. You can even let your Innr color bulbs flash police colors if your smart home camera sees interaction while no one else is at home.

Innr (left) vs Philips Hue (right)

Comparison With Philips Hue

These Innr color light bulbs are direct a competitor for the Philips Hue color bulbs from Signify. I wanted to do a small comparison between them to check which one performs better. In the picture above you can see the comparison of both light bulbs. On the left, you can see the Innr color bulb while we have the one from Philips Hue on the right. Both shine really bright but as the Innr light bulb has 1% more lumen you could see a small difference in brightness in the favor of Innr. When I moved through the different colors I couldn’t see any difference at all. The response time is almost the same and the weight of the bulb is 120g compared to 187g.

All very good sings for the Innr color bulbs but unfortunately there is one big downside for me. The Innr color bulbs do not work together with the Apple HomeKit or Hue Entertainment functionality (Sync). This means that while using the Spotify connection, the light bulbs will not work together with the Hue bulbs.


I am very pleased with the Color light bulbs from Innr. I find the link with the Philips Hue lamps especially positive. I already have many Philips Hue lamps that are linked to a bridge and this allows me to link all lamps with each other without having the need to use another app for the Innr lamps. This also saves costs, of course, because you don’t have to purchase a new bridge (Even though I’m still thinking about reviewing it because of the positive difference between Philips Hue). Furthermore, the color light from Innr is slightly cheaper than the lamps from Philips Hue. Currently, a Philips Hue lamp White and Color costs ā‚¬ 54,99 each and the Innr lamp is for sale for ā‚¬ 29,99 each, a difference of ā‚¬ 24.99 per lamp.

In addition to the price difference, I find it very convenient that I can simply connect the Innr lamps to my Philips Hue system. Especially because I already have a number of Hue lamps and I can continue to use them. It makes it really handy by linking the bridge to Google Home. You can then easily create scenes in the Google Home environment and keep everything well-arranged in one app.

I’m planning to do a review for the filliament light bulbs in the future to as well so become part of the community to stay updated.

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