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Philips Hue Will Apply the Matter Protocol

Philips Hue Will Apply the Matter Protocol

The Philips Hue products will be compatible with the Matter protocol. The Matter protocol is to become the new data communication standard for smart home applications, also known as home automation. A standard data communication protocol is important for better cooperation between different manufacturers of smart home products.

This is the importance of a standard

The range of smart home products is growing steadily. But products from different manufacturers often do not work well together. There were several de facto standards, but the word several says it all. You can compare data communication protocols with human languages. If someone only understands English and another person only understands Chinese, communication between the two becomes very difficult. Then an interpreter must be added who speaks and understands both languages. In data communication, such an interpreter is called a router. Just as an interpreter does not speak every language, a router does not necessarily work with all data communication protocols.

It is a good sign that there is now a data communication protocol, called Matter, that will be used by many manufacturers. The intention is of course that the new protocol will replace all existing data communication protocols for smart home use. Hue’s products will also support Matter in the future.

Interesting for all manufacturers and consumers

Without standards, new developments, such as smart homes, will not get the size and growth they would with standards applied. That is why manufacturers benefit from having a standard. If the consumer can purchase a brand A smart home device that uses the Matter protocol and then another brand B device also with the Matter stamp and those two devices can work together, then that gives the consumer confidence and the demand for Matter products will increase.

Another important advantage is that the development costs of equipment are reduced. Chipsets for the implementation of the Matter protocol can be manufactured on a large scale, which of course has favorable consequences for costs. The manufacturers of smart home devices only need to implement one protocol and not several to achieve a certain level of connectivity. In other words, we have a win-win situation.

Philips Hue lamps also get Matter support

Philips Hue has also recognized this win-win situation and will apply the Matter protocol. Signify understands very well that it is a great plus, for example, if you can use voice commands, whether you’re using Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri, to turn Philips Hue lights on and off and/or dim them. This is of course already possible but is much more complicated than when this is done via Matter. Philips Hue has a strong position in lighting and can use it, together with the Matter standard, to increase its sales. The current Philips Hue communication protocols, ZigBee and Bluetooth, will continue to exist. The Matter communication will be added.

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  1. “In data communication, such an interpreter is called a router.”

    A router does exactly that… It routes. It doesn’t interperate anything.

  2. We’ve known this for a while now that the hue bridge will gain matter thread support. Your article isn’t clear if you are now saying the globes will also get individual support. Many people are jumping ship to nano leaf because Phillips indicated it would only be the bridge that gets support with the hue mesh staying separate from the bigger matter mesh

  3. This one seems promising since this protocol could work for every manufacturer and if it’s to be believed should help increase cross manufacturer compatibility especially without work needing to be done by the manufacturers

  4. is the site of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly ZigBee Alliance), explaining what Matter is.
    Basically Matter is an IP based standard. Matter primarily uses wifi, thread and Bluetooth as wireless protocols. As I understand it, the Philips Hue bridge 2 will get Matter support and will act as a bridge. Automate Your Life explains this here At that time Matter was still called Connected Home over IP (CHIP).

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