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What Is New in the Philips Hue App 4.11

What Is New in the Philips Hue App 4.11

(Philips hue by @linusmimietz at Unsplash)

Once again a neat little update has been released by Signify, the owner of Philips Hue lighting. The Philips Hue App version 4.11. This update contains fewer updates than expected though. In the latest version, only 2 new scenes were added. Namely Futuristic and Lush. This means that we will need another couple of weeks to have the Bluetooth functionality and candlelight features included in the Philips Hue app.

See the description below to see what these scenes include

  • Futuristic: Get an otherworldly look with scenes that flood your space with rich, saturated colors.
  • Lush: Vibrant, lively, and bright. These scenes look great outside, but you can use them anywhere you like.
New Futuristic and Lush scenes

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