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Violet Smart Switch Now Supports Tado Climate Control

Violet Smart Switch Now Supports Tado Climate Control

Violet Smart Switch Supports Tado

Last week the Violet SmartSwitch team released a new version of their website and with this, a new very promising way of working. The Violet team decided to move towards plugins for their smart switch. Before this update, you could use control your Philips Hue lights and Sonos smart speaker from the smart switch. But from now on these will be seen as plugins that can be installed separately on the device, if the other is not needed. Next to the already existing functionality, a new plugin was made available: Tado.

Violet Smart Switch Supports Tado

According to Tado’s website: “With Tado you control the climate in your home. Effortless and without high costs. Energy-efficient and smart. So you can focus on more important things.”. But to use the new Tado plugin you will first need a tado product like the thermostat or boiler.

Violet Climate Control Tado
Tado plugin for the Violet Smart Switch

As Violet states: This plugin supports the climate screen which allows you to tweak your room or property just how you like it. A responsive interface presents the simple, quick actions you need most often. Designed for quick and easy control of the most used actions for the whole family.

But this Violet plugin is a premium plugin, however, which means that you will need a subscription of £19.15 every 2 years. The question is. Is it worth it? When you have a tado product you probably also have their smart thermostat for which you pay €6.99 per month. The answer is up to you.

If you decide to buy the plugin, you can use this plugin for a 20% off: 37zec9bp

I hope you enjoyed this article for a more in-depth review of the Violet Smart Switch you can click here.

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