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Review: Innr Outdoor Flex Light Lightstrip

Review: Innr Outdoor Flex Light Lightstrip

Innr Outdoor Flex Light review

A couple of years ago, Innr started to create its own product range of smart lighting. Since then Innr has developed quite some smart home technologies. In this guide, we will discuss the Innr outdoor lightstrip. The Innr color outdoor lightstrip are lightstrips much like the Philips Hue lightstrip. The lightstrip is available in a 2 and 4meter variant. They process the request via Zigbee while offering more than 16 million different colors. The lightstrip has its own power supply that should be plugged into a socket.

The outdoor lightstrip worked flawlessly when I plugged the power supply into the socket. I was a bit surprised by the brightness of the light which was very promising. It blinked in different colors to signal the light is ready to pair. The Philips Hue app found the light within seconds of searching. After pairing the Lightstrip with my switch, I was able to change the colors and dim the light. To pair up, you either need a bridge from Innr or Philips Hue.

Disclaimer: Innr was kind enough to send me their Outdoor Flex Light.


Hereby a couple of important specifications of the Innr Outdoor Flex Light:

  • It uses a power adapter of 220-240V – 24V DC – 1.0A
  • The light has more than 16 million colors
  • The average lifespan is 30.000 hours
  • The light shines up to 1440 lumen
  • The light contains 112 LEDs / meter
lightstrip in tree
Innr Outdoor Flex Light in a tree

The Innr Outdoor Flex Light is IP67 certified, which means that it can be used in all weather conditions without any problems. That is of course quite useful because there is a good chance that the light strip can regularly have to deal with a rain shower (especially since I live in the Netherlands).

The flexible light strip from Innr is a fairly thick cable, which consists of two parts. The white, rubber part is for attaching the strip to a wall or ceiling, using the included holders. You can also hide this part under the ground when you put the light strip in the sand. The upper part is a diffuse layer that lies over the LEDs and thus spreads the light from the LEDs tightly and evenly.

The light strip is neatly finished and easy to lay in light curves. However, don’t expect that you can easily handle a right angle with it. In comparison to the Hue Lightstrip, the design of the Innr light strip is quite the same. The Innr light strip is slightly thicker and wider. In addition, the Innr LED strip has a rounder finish, whereas the Philips Hue lightstrip looks a bit squarer. At a distance, however, the difference is not perceptible, so in my view negligible.

Innr Lightstrip for wall
Innr Lightstrip for wall

Comparison With Philips Hue

This Innr Flex Light is a direct competitor for the Philips Hue Outdoor lightstrip from market leader Signify. However, it is about 100euros cheaper, although that comparison is not entirely fair since the Hue Lightstrip Outdoor is 5 meters long and the Innr Flex Light is 4 meters long.

The brightness of the Hue light strip is 1650 lumens, while the Innr light strip has to do with 1440 lumens. You really only notice this difference when you set the light strip pretty bright, for example, to functionally illuminate a terrace. In any case, I have not yet experienced the number of lumens as a limiting factor in the scenes tried out. But besides this, there is no real difference being found in comparison with the Hue variant. Except that the Innr strip costs about half the price:

  • Innr lightstrip 2m(€ 69,99) vs Hue Lightstrip (€ 129,99 or $129.99)
  • Innr lightstrip 4m(€ 119,99) vs Hue Lightstrip (€ 219,99 or $219.99)

As discussed in a previous review about Innr lights. As these lights aren’t from Hue the Apple HomeKit or Hue Entertainment functionality (Sync) won’t work. You can hover and try different apps like iConnectHue. But to be honest this functionality is not really needed for outdoor lights.


I am very pleased with the Innr Outdoor Flex Light Lightstrip. I find the link with the Philips Hue lamps, especially positive. As I already have many Philips Hue lamps that are linked to a bridge and this allows me to link all lamps with each other without having the need to use another app for the Innr lamps. This also saves costs, of course, because you don’t have to purchase a new bridge. Furthermore, the Innr Flex Light is quite a bit cheaper than the lamps from Philips Hue. Currently, a Philips Hue Outdoor lightstrip costs € 219,99 and the Innr variant is for sale for € 119,99 each, a difference of € 100.00.

In addition to the price difference, I find it very convenient that I can simply connect the Innr lamps to my Philips Hue system. Especially because I already have a number of Hue lamps and I can continue to use them. It makes it really handy by linking the bridge to Google Home. You can then easily create scenes in the Google Home environment and keep everything well-arranged in one app.

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