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Work Pleasantly with Philips Hue

Work Pleasantly with Philips Hue

Work Pleasantly with Philips Hue (picture by Signify)

All over the world people started to work from home because of the pandemic and for some people, this is not always a pleasant experience. It is difficult to focus on the work, productivity leaves much to be desired and work-life balance is gone. If you use Philips Hue, you already know that lighting can help you in certain situations. Hue even has standard scenes for this, such as concentrating the scene. Well-adjusted lighting can certainly help you when working from home and with the smart lights from Philips Hue, it’s very easy to set this up. Especially for all the people working from home, Hue has created a number of Hue Labs formulas to make work more pleasant and efficient.

Philips Hue light formulas

The Philips Hue light formulas can be used at different times. They help you to focus during work and relax during your breaks. In addition, correctly set lighting also improves your sleep quality and the way you get out of bed. As light formulas are also available for waking up. The light formulas for home workers are free and can be installed on the Philips Hue bridge. You can find the formulas in the Hue app > Automation> Hue Labs. Another way to install the formulas is by logging in with a computer on

Philips hue by @linusmimietz at Unsplash
Philips hue by @linusmimietz at Unsplash

For home workers

The Hue Labs formulas are not only for home workers but can be used by everyone. The light formulas are designed to make our everyday life more pleasant. But it makes working from home a lot more pleasant. Hue has selected 4 light formulas that come in handy during this period, but can also be used at a later time, when you no longer work from home.

Philips Hue Lab Formulas
Philips Hue Lab Formulas

Personal wake up

Waking up pleasantly contributes to a productive day. By using the Personal wake up you will gradually wake up as your selected lights will light up according to your configured wake-up recipe. In the Personal wake-up formula, you can choose between 2 ways of waking up. Relax wake up, for a light recipe that wakes you up in a relaxed way. Or a Power wake up, if you want to wake up with lots of energy and are ready for the day.

Time-based light

During the day you might like different lighting than in the evening. With the Time-based light formula, you can easily achieve this. This can be done fully automatically, using a Philips Hue motion sensor, or do it physically with an accessory, such as a dimmer switch. With the Time-based formula, the smart lights adapt to the time of day. Nice and bright in the morning, after which the lamps switch to a cool shade to help you with your work. When the evening begins, warm color tones help you to relax and let you enjoy the evening. This light formula is ideal to use with other formulas such as the Personal wake up and Personal go to sleep.

Concentration breaks

The scenes “focus”, “relax”, “read” and “energy” are standard within the Philips Hue app and are designed by lighting experts. That’s also why these scenes are often used with the different light recipes in the formulas. This also applies to the Concentration breaks formula. Concentration breaks help you with your daily breaks. By adjusting the lighting from concentrating to relaxing, you can fully enjoy your break. This formula helps to strike the right balance between hard work and well-deserved breaks.

Personal go to sleep

After a busy day, it’s time to go to sleep. Not everyone goes to bed at the same time every day. The Personal go to sleep formula has been developed especially for these people. A slow fade-out will turn off the selected lamps. You can activate the formula by pressing a button on the dimmer switch or hue tap. Virtually enable it in Hue labs or by giving a voice command to, for example, Google home. It’s

Hue labs, what exactly is it?

Philips hue labs is a platform where anyone with Philips hue lamps can test specially developed functions. These functions or formulas exist for all sorts of stuff. With these labels, Philips Hue learns about the wishes of their users and will then possibly add these to the hue app at a later time. Hue Labs is basically a testing platform. This also means that some formulas do not yet work properly and may contain bugs.

Work Pleasantly with Philips Hue

I hope you liked reading this blog post and find it informative. With just a few Hue Labs formulas installed you can make working from home a lot more pleasant. Please write a comment about other Hue Labs that can be useful for working from home! Or read one of my guides.

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