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Smart Innr Filament Lamp with E27 fitting

Smart Innr Filament Lamp with E27 fitting

Smart Innr Filament Lamp

A couple of years ago, Innr started to create its own product range of smart lighting. Since then Innr has developed quite some smart home technologies. In this guide, we will discuss the Innr Filament lamps. The glass Innr Filament bulbs are light bulbs much like the Philips Hue filament bulbs. They process the request via Zigbee while offering a warm old-school look. The lamps are suitable for E27 fitting.

Innr’s new glass filament lamps are modeled on the classic incandescent lamps used in Europe. Because of the high energy consumption, these light bulbs are no longer produced. But many still like to see that classic light bulb in our interior in recent years. That is the reason for the emergence of smart filament LED lamps, matt fixtures in which the lamp is clearly visible.

Innr was actually the first company in the world to create smart Filament bulbs.


Hereby a couple of important specifications of the Innr Color Bulbs:

  • It uses a E27 fitting
  • The average lifespan is 15.000 hours
  • Color temperature is 2200K
  • The bulb shines with 350 lumen
Smart Innr filament lamp full capacity


As you could imagine the design is not the most exciting. After all, the name of the lamps – filament lamps – says it all. They are provided with a gold-coated glass sphere. Because of this golden coating, a nice warm and cozy light is provided. The glass sphere is of good quality and the LEDs inside are not reminiscent of a modern LED lamp but of a classic light bulb with a modern twist. That is the whole purpose of these filament lamps. The Hue bulbs are a little different as they curl up within the bulbs.

Smart Innr Filament lamp in action

There is one downside for the filament bulbs. The glass sphere is quite sensitive, not only to dirt and fingerprints but also to small scratches. So be careful with it and use a microfibre cloth to clean the lamp.


The quality of the Innr lamps can be compared with the quality of the products of the market leader; Phillips Hue. This is positive because Innr often manages to dive under the Hue when it comes to price. The brightness of the Innr bulb is quite a bit lower than Philips Hue as we will discuss in the next paragraph but the light is mainly intended as a mood light. You don’t have a choice in the shade of the light, only the brightness can be adjusted. If you do want to play with white tones, you should go White Ambiance lamp from Hue.

Smart Innr Filament lamp by Innr

Comparison With Philips Hue

These Innr color light bulbs are direct a competitor for the Philips Hue Filament bulbs from Signify. I personally do not own the Philips Hue bulbs, unfortunately. But I wanted to do a small comparison between the two in regards to the specifications given. Most specifications of the Inner or Philips Hue filament lights are quite the same; a lifespan of 15.000 hours, using an E27 fitting, and the temperatures are in the same range of 2200K for Innr and 2100K for Philips Hue. But where the Philips bulb really shines is in the difference of lumen. The Philips Hue filament bulb shines with a maximum of 550lm while Innr goes up to 350lm. That is an increase of 57%, too bad I couldn’t compare them in real life.

There is a big difference in price, however, as the Innr bulbs are almost half of Hue’s! You can best compare the different Filament bulbs iThis way you can best compare the different lamps with each other:


The setup of the Innr Filament bulbs is rather easy. The lamps have the ZigBee standard, which means that they can be connected to hubs and bridges that support this standard. Think of the Innr bridge itself, the Philips Hue Bridge, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Echo, and the Homey. I choose to set up my Innr Filament bulbs with the Philips Hue app. After screwing it into my fixture it blinked a couple of times to show it was ready to pair. The Philips Hue app found the light within seconds of searching. After pairing the light bulbs with my switch, I was able to dim the light directly.


All in all, the Innr filament lamps are very good options for expanding your smart lighting with lamps that form part of your interior. The filament lamps have a classic design with a modern twist, are easy to connect to and use with various existing systems (including Philips Hue), offer sufficient (atmospheric) light, and have a perfect price tag with prices between 15 and 24 euros. As far as we are concerned, the Innr filament lamps are therefore highly recommended.

To read more about Innr lights and their comparison to Philips Hue you can read my other article!

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